Prepare For Disaster

Designed to withstand extreme weather surges, power outages, and to light any emergency, the XTorch is the essential everyone needs to withstand the elements.

Our multi-use flashlight is ready when disaster strikes with a reliable light and energy source.


On The Go

Designed to be taken anywhere, the XTorch is more than just a flashlight. Equipped with two lanterns, flashlight, and spring clip, and backup cellphone charger, the XTorch is portable enough to fit into any emergency preparedness kit.

emergency car kit
xtorch water resistant

Outlast The Elements

Water resistant and light enough to float, yet high impact tested to withstand heavy duty use. The XTorch is prepared for anything. It is world tested in over thirty countries for disaster relief.



XTorch is Ready

Powered by the sun or via USB wall adapter, the XTorch battery will hold its charge up to 2 years which means you can rest easy knowing that you always have a light and power source ready whenever disaster strikes.*

Created with a USB port, the XTorch will keep your devices charged with a 1.25 amp output. Never worry about a dead battery again.

*Battery will hold its charge for up to two years in storage.

charge cell phone with flashlight