Prepare for the Wild

Built to survive the rugged, XTorch is designed for the extreme outdoorsman. XTorch is the new surge of light for hunters, fishermen, hikers, and adventure seekers alike.


Don’t Call It A Hobby

Thrill seeking is your passion, it’s time to take on the unknown. You can rely on this all-in-one power source to guide you through any challenge. Light enough to be clipped onto a backpack, and slim enough to pack, you’ll always be prepared with a light and energy source.

light for starting a fire


Beat the Outdoors

Made with the off grid outdoorsman in mind, the XTorch is more than just a flashlight. Equipped with a room lantern, side lantern, flashlight, spring clip, solar charging panel, USB / charging port, and battery indicator, the XTorch is built to be as durable and tough as you are.



Outlast the Competition

Powered by the sun or via USB wall adapter, the XTorch battery will hold its charge up to 2 years keeping you outdoors and on the go longer than ever before.*

Created with a USB port, the XTorch will keep your devices charged with a 1.25 amp output. Never worry about a dead battery again.

*Battery will hold its charge for up to two years in storage.

charge cell phone with flashlight

Rechargeable, Solar-Powered Flashlight

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